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Plan the early stages of a website project

The beginning of a website project can be daunting, especially if you have a new team, need to change technologies, or have not redeveloped your flagship website in several years. I can help you plan well, and I can serve as an outside voice and perspective on a project that often has tentacles throughout an entire organization. I will:

  • Ensure all the relevant people are participating in your planning conversations
  • Plan focused discussions to ensure the team understands goals, intersections with other organizational projects, trade-offs, and risks and can hear each others’ aspirations and concerns
  • Consider the best way to sequence projects when your team wants to do everything at once
  • Learn effective lessons from prior projects
  • Help you connect with peers to gain insight and understanding about common pitfalls.

Draft a Request for Proposals and lead your website project bid

  • Develop, and help your team finalize, a detailed Request for Proposals that will help firms describe a solid plan for your project, show you similar work, build estimated project budgets, and level with you about project risks
  • Gather and pre-qualify a list of diverse firms who can successfully complete your project
  • Help your team make good use of time as we work together to review and score proposals, conduct interviews and complete due diligence
  • Manage all aspects of behind-the-scenes bidder communications and logistics, freeing your team to continue doing your day-to-day work

Help you unstick a stuck website project

Sometimes projects run aground, and how you got there isn’t clear. Let’s figure out how to get the project redirected onto a productive path. I can:

  • Listen to all parties and ask questions to figure out why things are stuck
  • Figure out options with pros and cons with respect to cost, time and rework
  • Help the team redevelop timeline
  • If necessary, and only when necessary, manage a vendor transition.

Half-day and full-day gigs

Maybe you just need a quick strike:

  • Review one or more proposals
  • Facilitate a strategy session with an outside voice
  • Train your staff on writing well online

Our client just launched a new amazing website and they are thrilled. None of this would have happened so easily without Emily’s guidance and direction.

Sharon Reis

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